Oil massage

Our oil massages are performed with warm oils.

Our oil massages have a great relaxing effect and are also good for the skin. They are very penetrating and also loosen all the muscles well.

You can also combine our oil massages with one of our other massages.

NEW: From now on, this massage is also available as Duo massage or 4 hands massage.

Ontspannende oliemassage in Oostende

for one hour.

€130,- for 2 people in Duo formula or for 1 person as a 4-hand massage.

Herbal stamps

If in stock, our oil massages allow you to opt for an additional massage of the neck with original Thai herbal stamps.

The stamps are imported directly from Thailand.

Kruidenstempels als optie bij onze massages

per person as an option for an oil massage

Hot stone massage

Our hot stone massages are performed with stones formed by nature. These are a touch rougher than machine-cut stones and give a better feel.

Hot stone massages penetrate deeply and give very good results for stiff muscles.

The relaxing effect is also very high due to the warm stones.

NEW: From now on, this massage is also available as a Duo massage.

Tip: always make an appointment for a hot stone massage, as warming the stones takes some time.

Hotstone massage in Oostende

for 1h 30min

€180 for 2 people in Duo formula

0496 290 590

Booking is fastest by phone at the above number.

Booking via email or Facebook is also possible, but always book at least 2 days in advance.

If you wish to book via message: always provide preferred dates and times right away.


Our massages are also available in Duo formula. That is, you and your partner are massaged at the same time.

The rates are indicated at the massages themselves.

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